Our People

Member Leaders

This is a list of leaders: Local 665 men and women trained through a formal leadership program in skills that make jobsites more productive, safe, and efficient. Congratulations to these leaders for committing to setting the tone on our jobsites and helping to ensure that our signature deliverables — productivity, skill, and safety — are the results of our work, every day.

300 Hitter

  • Eric Austin
  • David Barrington
  • Jeremy Baze
  • Wade Clay
  • James Ferrantino
  • Clifford Fore
  • Johnny Forehand
  • Anthony Gomez
  • Rigoberto Gonzalez
  • William Goodman
  • Julius Gray
  • Leoncio Gutierrez
  • Douglas Hernandez
  • Gary Hobbs
  • David Jones III
  • Jackie Larance
  • Jerry Marez
  • Jimmie McDaniel
  • Ken McEwen
  • Matthew Rico
  • Rudy Rivera
  • Brandon Walker
  • James Wright
  • Elijio Zapata